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We offer a range of instruments for all traders across the markets. Use our tools and professional services to start trading them straight away.

Our Trading Instruments

Below you can find the trading instruments we offer our clients.


Get in on the Crypto action and trade over 60 Crypto pairs. Offering popular Cryptos such as ETH, BTC and so many more.


FX trading is the most popular amongst traders. Start trading currencies such as EUR/GBP USD/EUR and many more today.

Precious Metals

In times of financial uncertainty precious metals can be seen as a potential investment option. Diversify your financial portfolio and start trading precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver.


Indices are a great option if you are into day trading and are usually used to gain longer exposure to more profitable opportunities.


Own a share in large global companies today. Own a little part of the company and become a shareholder. Trade your shares as you watch the markets and diversify your portfolio.


We offer various commodities to trade, such as sugar, oil, energy and more. Use more advanced strategies to trade and enhance your trading knowledge.

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